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wecall is a group of collaborating partners with different fields of expertise.

Contact for Franchise related inquiries:

Hanzl OG - Tullnerstr. 45 - 3425 Langenlebarn - Austria
office@wecall.cc | tel +43 660 467 2587

Contact for technical inquiries:

netbiz global ltd - Bahnhofplatz 3 - 9430 St. Margrethen - Switzerland
office@netbizltd.com | www.netbizltd.com
tel +41 31 50 80 20 4 | fax +41 860 31 50 80 20 4

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Disclosure for Email-Newsletter

Media Owner (responsible for content)

Hanzl OG, Tullnerstr. 45, 3425 Langenlebarn, Austria, FN: 282299x
E-Mail: office@wecall.cc

General direction of the newsletter: Mainly providing information for the creation and successful growth of a business as an independent entrepreneur within an existing franchise network. Also, information about personal development and the general topic "communication". Wecall as well as the newsletter are non-partisan and non-religious.

Provider (technical implementation):

netbiz global ltd, Bahnhofplatz 3, 9430 St. Margrethen, Switzerland
E-Mail: office@netbizltd.com

Service description: netbiz global ltd is an internet service provider (ISP) with hosting (web space) and domain management (admin contact, billing contact, technical contact, DNS). Activ8 produces web sites to the customer's specifications and sends out newsletters containing information requested by the subscribers.

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